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The design of the interior rack is specific for each 4x4 model, and has been carefully studied in order to provide the highest functionality with superior aesthetic outcomes, as it is a discreet and easy-to-install accessory.


Lateral support pieces are made of 3mm. laser cut and folded aluminium, and they are oven painted with satin-finish RAL DESIGN, a paint having high impact resistance.


Tubular structure is made up of matt anodized aluminium tubes, with a 20 x 20 mm. section, with nylon black tube ends and connectors, as well as fixing u-bolts.


The kit includes the screws and assembly instructions.



Download assembly instructions
Toyota Land Cruiser serie 80
Toyota Land Cruiser serie 90
Toyota Land Cruiser serie 95
Toyota Land Cruiser serie 100
Toyota Land Cruiser serie 105
Toyota Land Cruiser KDJ 120
Toyota Land Cruiser KDJ 125
Toyota Land Cruiser KDJ 150

Mitsubishi Pajero V20
Mitsubishi Pajero V60
Mercedes G 463
Nissan Patrol GR Y 61
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